The positive leader club.

People joining the club have shown a unique talent for having an impact within their organization and beyond by encouraging each and every employee to discover and focus on their strengths, develop self-esteem, confidence and team work. They dare to care and give birth to a constellation of stars within their team and beyond.

Valérie HNA positive leaderMichael Exapt positive leaderGwenaelle RTE positive leaderClélia Malakoff Médéric positive leaderMargaux JC Decaux positive leaderAnne Airbus positive leaderArnaud Airbus positive leaderBoris RTE positive leaderSandrine pole emploi ositive leaderAlice Airbus positive leader

We back positive leaders
Because we believe most people have untapped asset in their inner self, we decided to build a club and tools to help leaders foster positive impact, mental health, within their organization, developing people strengths, team work and make a change for the better

What we do - Backing the positive leaders

Listen Leon is gathering positive leaders with the aim to back them making the best of their talents. Developing informal ties, daring to care is at the center of what the positive leader club do.

Why we do it - Developing informal ties, daring to care

Above a given level of confidence, people start to become inspiring, open to the world and willing to help by sharing best practice and making a massive change for the better within their communities and beyond

How we do it - Meeting on a quarterly basis, daring to learn and share

Get the opportunity to meet each quarter within the club, to speak about what you do best, discuss and learn from others. Dare to share to other would-be-leaders in our open events and webinaires


“Listen Léon was a way for me to have a kind of superpower”
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How to lead positively in organization?

Want to watch the impact inside?

Leardership. Party On

Don't wait too late. Now is always the best time to act, before stars are gone or stop shining.

76% of employees would quit if they feel unappreciated.