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Positive leaders don't like the statu quo. They dare to care. What are you doing for your team today? Let's make your team happier, more confident and channel this energy to scale up to the next level.

80% of employees work harder together when feeling appreciated

70% of people associate embarrassment and discomfort with the process of appreciation and avoid it all

100% ... with Listen Léon. Supercharge your team at 100% with positive appreciations

Winning organizations need stars. Skyrocketing ones develop a constellation.
We all know that success is link to our people. But what are you doing for it? Discover unexpected assets class in your team, raise talents and foster their work together. For the better.

Create more positive connections in your teams for better performance. Strong informal ties enabled organizational work

Informal ties make us happier and foster teamwork, agility, and organizational performance. What do you do to activate them now ?

Help each and every employee to reveal their inner strengths thanks to their peers. Because we all have ones somewhere, but many people don't know what makes them unique

Use collective intelligence so that each and everyone in your organization have a chance to know its strengths. And they will. At the end, Emma will know her strengths better. Being recognized lead to better mental health, self estime, confidence and work efficiency. We all need that.

Leardership. Party On

Don't wait too late. Now is always the best time to act, before stars are gone or stop shining.

76% of employees would quit if they feel unappreciated.