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Start with the Listen Léon app, and don't take the risk to miss a compliment. Send also compliments to your relatives, colleagues, friends. Activate premium contents and discover how to generate mudita(*) in your organization

We offer multiple options. Teachers to thank ? Kid’s birthday party? Back to school event for your company ? Yup, we can cover that.


A free plan to discover Listen Leon and to start receiving compliments. Maintain the connection with yourself and others.

✔ 1 licence
✔ Send and receive anonymous compliments
✔ AI monitored messages
✔ Discover your top 3 strengths
✔ Read up to 3 Leons in your self-esteem safe box
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59€ /year
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A premium experience with removed limitations to get the full benefits of Listen Leon for 12 months. Focus on your strengths, develop a lasting self confidence
All free features
✔ Read unlimited Leons in your self-esteem box
✔ Discover all your strengths
✔ Get premium personalized contents to feel at your best
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An enterprise-grade experience with best-in-class service, webinars and team momentum . Create more positive connections. Develop a stars' constellation.
Starting at 50 licences
All free features
✔ Unlimited team creations with dedicated support and care
✔ Read and send unlimited Leons within your organization
✔ Get the poster of your team's strenghts, the cartography and the dynamics
Discover how to generate even more mudita(*) with recommended features:
✔ Start with a positive challenge, a memorable event for your team
✔ Get 4 webinars a year for raising positive vibes and talents at their best in the team
✔ Get support for team project management
✔ Get independant performance measurement by top international researchers
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Good vibes and mental health for free

Sending and receiving compliments doesn't cost anything and it has a huge positive impact

Focus on your strengths and on yourself

The best way to fulfill yourself as a person is to get to know who you are, your top strengths and to focus on them

Self-confidence for life

Listen Leon provides a self-esteem safe box, so that you can keep and read your compliments for life.

Measured by science

Listen Leon partners with independent research teams specialized in positive psychology, human brain development and social intelligence

Got a question about our pricing model? Please contact the Listen Leon care team for more information

What about organizing my own compliment system in my organization?

You are absolutely free to do so and we do encourage initiative that drive positive impact. What we found is that organizations have trouble to organise such a system themselves because success depends on keys factors that are difficult to implement. To name a few: anonymity (not to pollute the core message nor creating fake appraisals for politic issue or self promotion), moderation (insure message are not inappropriate, nor indelicate and really positive) and strengths identifications (that need referential, tools and expertise)

I would like to write a Léon, but I can't find the right words, what do I do?

Keep calm, Léon has thought of a new feature just for you! It's called "Léon, lend me your pen" and it helps to ease off the famous fear of the blank page!Thus, several random exercises will enable you to build up your gratitude so that you can write your own Léon later on.

How do you ensure positive message? Is there any filtering?

We have implemented three levels of security to prevent negative content. We use Artificial Intelligence technologies to analyze the semantics of a message.You may decide to bypass it then The Léon is simply forwarded to our moderation team for further analysis.

What is Muditā? (*)

There's a lot of research on the impact of gratitude. Listen Léon's own measure of impact is Muditā. It is a Hindu and Buddhist term that refers to a selfless joy that celebrates the virtues of others. And the result of the Mudita impact measurement specific to your team can be found at the bottom right of your team profile.

Do you have offer for startup and large company?

Yes, we do have offers that fit all you need. Our enterprise offer starts with 50 licences and there is no limit. We do provide deployment in 50-100 positive leader team and can also provide offer at a group level. We operate in several continents with corporate account of more than 100 000 employees

Are there studies to measure the impact of a received compliment?

Impact measurement is at the core of our project. Should our client wish to activate it, we do propose independant evaluation following each deployment. We have partnered with international scientists specialized in change, positive psychology and human brain.
The University of Montréal in Quebec (UQAM) for instance has been conducting several scientific study on the impact of Listen Léon.

There are many studies on the impact of gratitude including the work of Robert Emmons. The one we find remarkable is that of Berkeley researchers Fox, Kaplan and Damasio, who published a study in 2015 titled "Neural Correlates of Gratitude". The results revealed that while study participants feel gratitude, brain activity occurs in the Anterior Cingulate Cortex and Medial Prefrontal Cortex. Simply put, these areas of the brain play a role in the regulation of blood pressure and heart rate, and cognitive functions such as anticipation, decision-making, empathy and emotion. Practicing gratitude activates the prefrontal part of our neocortex: the seat of intelligence.

Leardership. Party On

Don't wait too late. Now is always the best time to act, before stars are gone or stop shining.

76% of employees would quit if they feel unappreciated.