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All-in-one platform to manage your culture in real-time.

Culture intelligence

You can see all aspects of your organization's culture in real-time through your dashboard. Thousands of actions are monitored each day to determine the most accurate measure of culture in the world.







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Anonymous compliments

Our heartbeat

The heartbeat of our product suite is Leon, our compliment engine, which spreads positivity throughout your organization by empowering your employees to send positive, anonymous compliments.

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Send and receive Léons

Watch positivity go viral in your workplace one anonymous compliment at a time.

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Getting attention feels good

With peer-to-peer positive feedback comes more engagement, self- confidence, and productivity. We empower your people to recognize each other and build thriving cultures together.

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Organic positivity


Always engaging


Real-time data

Engaging and fun for employees

Accurate engagement data


Always measuring

Our suite of culture intelligence tools is mearsuring employee engagement 24/7 within hundreds of organizations around the world.


Laser focused accurracy

We've changed the way you see your culture. Thousands of anonymous interactions with meaningful insights about your unique culture.


Improving culture

Build a world class culture on autopilot with the Listen Léon improve feature. We take action to improve your culture in real-time.

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You're in great company

Some of our amazing clients

The Listen Léon suite of culture intelligent tools are used by some of the world's most successful and innovative companies to help them create 'great places' to work.



For a clearer understanding of your current culture, we will survey 10% of your employees completely anonymously.



Your entire organization will receive access to the Listen Léon app and start having fun on a viral scale. Bringing global companies together.



We're mapping a real-time culture blueprint with artificial intelligence that measures activity, engagement, strengths, and more.

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"Listen Léon fits perfectly with our EXAPT values of family cohesion and individual responsibility."

— Michael Servos,

Real-time culture intelligence like never before

Create a better place to work and attract outstanding new talent.

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