About us

A group of positive individuals came together to create a start up in the beautiful South of France. They had a dream of improving culture in the workplace of the biggest companies in the world. That dream became a reality in 2022!

We have five core values at Listen Léon

Defining a company by core values allows for all employees to more easily understand the culture, the vision, and the ambition of the organization.


We are generous.


We believe in altruism.


We are brave.


We are superstars.


We foster humility.

Positive leaders don't like the status quo

What are you doing for your team today? Let's make them happier, more confident, and more successful and channel this energy to scale the business to the next level.

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Winning organizations need stars

The more recognized an individual is for their work, the more effort they commit.

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Create informal ties

Informal ties make us happier and foster teamwork, agility, and organizational performance.

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Reveal inner strengths

Use collective intelligence so that each and everyone in your organization has a chance to understand their strengths.

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Are you a quitter?

76% of employees will quit their job if they feel unappreciated. Do more for them by introducing Listen Léon.

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Leadership. Party on

Great leaders make high impact decisions for the good of others around them. These leaders are remembered over others.

Client testimonials

Some of the most forward-thinking, ambitious, and world leading organizations choose Listen Léon to measure and improve the culture of their workplace.

"With FO, we launched Listen Léon to change mindsets. Listen Léon is a great tool for building trust and engagement in teams."



"Léon is a powerful tool that leads us to identify the strengths of our colleagues as well as ourselves. Each Léon has an impact."



"There is a surprise aspect that gives me a boost. It touches me and inspires me to share and it's a good way to create person to person connections beyond operational activities."



"Knowing how to recognize your colleagues allows you to get to know them. It's an innovative way to genuinely care about each other as unique individuals."



Over 100 teams use our culture platform

We have a waiting list larger than our active client base. We must be on to something here

Measure and improve your culture