Identify, develop
and upskill your workforce

A complete map of your organizations strengths with e-learning development to upskill employees.

Your organizations strengths

We collect strengths by combining science-based assessments with peer-to-peer feedback. This variety of strengths collection gives us an unrivaled amount of accuracy, which powers parts of your culture health and e-learning recommendations.

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Strengths assessment

A science based assessment that every employee will take when they first login to the app. A 10-minute assessment that powers an initial baseline for all employees.

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Every Léon sent contains three strengths. These are automatically selected based on the sentiment of the message and can be edited by the sender before sending.

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Strengths tags

We show random profiles to employees daily and ask Which strengths they would associate with the person. These strengths are pre-suggested and can be edited.

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Best cultural fit

We create a strengths profile for your organization, pinpointing the skills and cultural fit of your top talent. We offer in-app e-learning courses specific in these top strengths to those employees that are not as well suited to the culture of the organization.

This closes a skills gap and better aligns the company to a thriving culture.

Developing your people

Once we have identified those individuals that could benefit from undertaking training, we populate their Listen Léon to-do list with the course materials and communicate with them until they are completed.

All members of your organization can be proactive and access the Listen Léon e-learning center as often as they like, and with more than 1,000 titles, there is something for everyone.


Your own core values

We know how important it is for companies to integrate their own core values with Listen Léon's strengths model. We make this a simple process from within your dashboard: Simply enter your own core values, and we'll take care of the rest.

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    We provide a world-class set of tools to measure culture in real-time. Powered by employees for complete accuracy.

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    We detect learning opportunities that will improve the skill set of your entire organization and send these to your people automatically on a daily basis.

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    Download or order a framed print of your strengths constellation. These look amazing, are unique to your business and are a great talking point.

Will new talent fit our culture?

This question is now a thing of the past. Listen Léon strengths assessments can be sent to external candidates and their results matched to your organization's global culture as well as to the culture of the team they are potentially joining. No more expensive hires that don't work out just because the person doesn't fit in with the culture of the business.

Potential hires

It will become a standard part of your hiring process to offer candidates an assessment to see how they will fit in to the culture of the company and even the team they are interviewing for.


We have integrations pending for the popular ATS platforms to make using our assessments a seamless experience for both your hiring team, and potential new hires.


We can detect what e-learning courses new hires would benefit from and have them complete the material before their start date. Hit the ground running with Listen Léon.

Culture Change

Aligning the strengths of your organization

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