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Adoption of a new idea takes time. However, even the most stubborn people will become Listen Léon advocates if they understand and believe in the project, it's rollout, and the bigger picture. Communication is key!

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Positive Léon's

Create a positive plant or dealership chain with the power of Léon's.

Schedule video meets
Scheduled video meets

Set a schedule for Engage and build lasting relationships weeks in advance.

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See your culture health in real-time and take decisive action to make improvements.

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Increase sales

A thriving workplace culture leads to an increase in motivation and productivity.

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What is a Léon?

A Léon is a compliment sent anonymously to another employee. Our AI system filters the messages and detects whether the message is positive. Employees can send back their thanks and emotions without knowing who sent them a Léon. Anonymity within Listen Léon is a critical component of our platform and very important to us.

Employee recognition

People enjoy being recognized. They find it inspiring and very rewarding.

Scheduled timings

Léons can be sent immediately for random delivery or scheduled for a future date and time.

It is really refreshing to work with a tech company that cares and inspires you. We have had so much in return for our purchase.

— Jacqueline Calderon,
Head of HR.

Clients will partner with Listen Léon by 2025. A global ambition that we are well on the way to achieving.

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Customer success is critical to all of us at Listen Léon just like it is for your automotive business. We pride ourselves on a world-class service.


Fully customizable analytics

With our full analytics reporting you will always know the important management information in real-time.


Number of Léons sent


Number of Léons opened


Number of Léons replied to


Conversion rates


Strengths analytics

Léon assistant

For any employees that need help writing a Léon, we have an assistant built into the app.

Schedule messages

Send Léons immediately or use our scheduler to set the date and time of delivery.


Full analytics on our entire product suite are available through your admin dashboard.

Spam control

We implement spam control to stop the Léon feature from being abused by over zealous employees.


We are planning more than 30 integrations that will bring your Listen Léon account to the apps you love the most.

Deep links

Add a link inside a nudge and direct people straight to the area of the app you want them to perform the action.

Measure and improve the culture of your automotive business