Employee net promoter score (eNPS)

Built within our web and mobile applications, eNPS is an incredibly accurate way to measure the cultural fit of your entire organization.

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eNPS in real-time

Watch live from your analytics dashboard as eNPS data is collected from your people. A simple question with a rating from 0 to 10 that reveals so much about how your employees feel about your organization.

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We use the industry standard NPS process for our proprietary eNPS feature and segment each employee into one of three groups, based on their rating.

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Your brand heroes. These employees love working for the company and are very likely a positive influence on other people and the culture.

Rating: 9 and 10.
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With a little investment, these employees can become Promoters. With neglect, they can just as easily become Detractors and negative.

Rating: 7 and 8.
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These employees do not recommend your company as a place to work. They are most likely having a negative effect on culture. Act now.

Rating: 0 through 6.

View your eNPS data in real-time

We collect ratings from your employees as they log in to their Listen Léon app, and we update the overall score within your analytics dashboard in real-time. We provide the fastest, most accurate eNPS score available anywhere in the world.

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"We were looking for a way to capture employee feedback and the eNPS from Léon fits perfectly."

Rebecca Wheeton

Global HR Director

Building promoters on autopilot

Knowing your eNPS is one thing, but taking action to improve it can be a challenge.  Let us improve it for you with Listen Léon Improve.


This segment of employees are your most valuable and will receive messages via email and push that encourage them to work with others and increase viral positivity within the organization.
  • Tailored messaging
  • Rewards incentives
  • Employee referrals
  • Improvement suggestions


This segment is on the borderline of becoming Promoters but could also find themselves slipping into the Detractor segment if they are not managed correctly. A positive approach is critical to success.
  • Positive messaging
  • Step-by-step action plan
  • Change management
  • To do list of activities


This segment requires a 'kid gloves' approach. Conversations with these employees are likely to be negative and they will be reluctant to embrace change within the organization.
  • Inspired messaging
  • Recognition and reward
  • Give them a voice
  • Culture importance

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