Why Listen Léon?

There are other culture specialists out there, so why do an increasing number of clients keep choosing Listen Léon?

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Modern tools that people love to use

It is common knowledge that most people enjoy using their mobile phones and do not feel forced to do so. Listen Léon has taken that philosophy and built a suite of tools that people love using. No forced surveys or expectations, just fun, positivity, and recognition through our mobile applications.

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Always know your real-time culture health

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Everything is now

When you complete a survey, it's out of date before all the results come in.

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Give your employees a voice and let them recognize their peers to create positivity.

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Nothing is forced

"Complete this survey". "I don't want to". "Do it now, it's overdue". We do not do that.

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Automate improvements

We show you what needs action to improve it, then we do it for you.

Developing people

  • E-learning for everyone
  • Match candidates to teams
  • Live strengths constellation
  • Video meet ups 24/7
  • Team friction eliminated
  • ⬆ This is all in real-time

Looking for answers?

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Five more reasons

Measure and improve culture more accuratley in real-time