Creating a learning environment that inspires students and teachers

Imagine a school where students anonymously compliment each other, where teachers can send and receive anonymous feedback from students, and where the culture of the school is measured and improved in real-time. It's possible to create a thriving learning environment with Listen Léon.

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No place for negativity

Our intelligent AI system will block any messages that contain inappropriate language as well as those messages that are not of a positive nature. Listen Léon encourages students and teachers to engage in a fun and positive way at all times.

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Peer to peer recognition is a great benefit to students

Many students respond well to compliments. However, receiving compliments is a rarity among young people. Our mobile app provides the tools for them to interact anonymously and build their confidence.

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School culture dashboard

Watch as your school's culture unfolds in real-time as students and teachers interact with our suite of fun, engaging tools. Improvements are recommended and actioned by our artificial intelligence to ensure your school has a world-class culture. Give your students the best start possible with a thriving learning environment.

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Students of all backgrounds and privileges build self-esteem through positive reinforcement. Anonymous compliments from teachers and their peers offer encouragement and provide motivation. Students that are motivated perform better at school and increase their chance of successful careers.

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Positive feelings that last

When students receive a positive Léon, it’s a moment they’ll never forget. So we created a way for them to relive that moment over and over again.

Whether negativity creeps in at home or they are struggling to create positive relationships with their peers, they can always fall back on their anonymous compliment folder.

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    The compliments folder is their own archive of positivity. Allowing them to relive the moments that made them feel special.

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    A school culture that thrives through positivity and overcomes challenges together.

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    It is impossible for any negativity to reach a student. Positive moments that are built to last is what matters most.

Create a culture the entire school is proud of

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