Culture intelligence for the retail sector

Customer analytics, insights and data are great. But what really makes a difference is having accurate, measurable, and actionable data on workplace culture.

Dashboard analytics on Apple screen
Dashboard on Apple screen

Understanding the metrics

We provide a tool for retail organizations to measure and improve their company's culture. Using an inaccurate or outdated metric such as a survey tool is not only ineffective but can also exacerbate problems within the company.

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Happy place

Encourage positivity and happiness at your retail locations by creating a culture that embraces it. Studies show there is a 22% shift in results between demotivated and happy workers, so you'll want to create an environment where your employees feel appreciated, valued and understood. Customers will feel this vibe through their interactions with you and are more likely to return if they had a positive experience.

Happy people shopping at mall

Positive feelings that last

When employees receive a positive Léon, it’s a moment they’ll never forget. So we created a way for them to relive that moment over and over again.

Whether negativity creeps in at home or they are struggling to create positive relationships with their peers, they can always fall back on their anonymous compliment folder.

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    The compliments folder is their own archive of positivity. Allowing them to relive the moments that made them feel special.

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    A workplace culture that thrives through positivity and overcomes challenges together.

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    It is impossible for any negativity to reach an employee. Positive moments that are built to last is what matters most.

Create a culture that customers can feel

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