How it works

Our customers are driven by positive culture and want to create a unique environment where people feel recognized and encouraged to be their best selves. It's all about mudita!

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Understanding your current culture

We will take a culture assessment of your organization today to inform recommendations that will shape your organizations culture for years to come. We survey 20% of your employees and analyze the results with statistical techniques, to give us a snapshot of your organizations culture.

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Product recommendations

We'll recommend product options based on budgets and your teams' willingness to engage. Our recommendations also depend on your positive leadership style, as well as the outcomes you expect over the first, second, and third years.

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Once expectations are aligned, it's time to introduce the key members of your management team to our amazing client success team. We will work with you to implement the rollout across your organization. This can be a critical part of the process, as it enables us to build relationships with your managers and for them to feel comfortable with what we do.

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The rollout

Rollout Day is an exciting time in the life of your business. By this time, the name Listen Léon is familiar across your business and there is an air of expectation, positivity, and desire to change. The mobile app is released and the engagement begins. Some people find change difficult, but our pre-rollout communication is designed to make this transition as smooth and enjoyable for everyone as possible.

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Shape your organizations culture the right way!