The most fun you can have with a work colleague!

A fantastic way to meet and interact with colleagues regardless of location and seniority. The Engage platform is available 24-hours a day, and employees can participate whenever they like.


No awkward silences as a question is visible on screen to engage people.


We collect one-click feedback from each person, after every meet up.


Every meet up is arranged in real-time, completely at random, regardless of location.

Seniority isn't relevant

Culture is built by people and not by job title. There are no ranks with Engage.


Schedule meet ups by date and time and take 5-mins for everyone to interact.

Data analytics

True, accurate data that is completely anonymized.

Engage is driving culture change around the world

“Engage allows a randomized interaction that could well be the source of an incredible idea that has not yet been considered.”


Culture thrives when people are engaged

A better culture is one that grows organically and where people are not forced to complete and 'game' surveys.

Anonymous data

We collect anonymous data to measure and improve the culture of your organization.

Unlimited use

Once you subscribe to Engage, your entire organization has unlimited use 24-hours a day.


Discuss the question displayed or choose another card from the deck.

Completely organic

A fun and rewarding experience that engages your people organically.

July 2022


Number of Engage meet ups in the month of July 2022.


Question cards discussed in the month of July 2022.


Employees thriving and improving culture.

Engage product
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Engage is a responsive, and fast tool used to connect your organization at scale.

Meet ups are kept short, but sweet. Research has shown that short engagements build better relationships than longer more awkward ones.

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How Engage works

An amazing tool that contains a wealth of culture-related data, yet is simple to use.

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Set your time

Set the maximum amount of time you would like your meet up to last between five and ten minutes.

Wait for connection image

Wait for connection

You will drop in to the lounge for a few seconds and take your welcome picture while a colleague is selected at random.

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When connected you will see a question on your screen. These ice breaker questions are great to get people talking.

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Franck Dessenis VP H160 at Airbus

"Listen Léon is an informal but very efficient way to make sure people work together in a respectful way."

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