How to attract culture fit employees for your company. And how to hire them.

What is culture fit and why should you care? Culture fit means a lot of different things to different people but in this article, we will be talking about the company culture fit. Not just your personal cultural fit but how your organization will accept and embrace the new hire.

Culture fit is a term used to describe someone who will fit into a company’s culture, or that they are a good “cultural match”. It's important for managers to look at each candidate carefully and ensure they are the right cultural fit before hiring them.

The company culture fit is important because it will determine how well you perform in your job. If you are not a good fit for the company culture, then there is a good chance that you won’t be successful at your job.

We all know how difficult recruiting the right person can be. It's a gut feeling about their personality and cultural fit and it can sometimes go badly wrong.

Mark Ridgeon, Chief of Staff, Listen Léon

It’s important to keep in mind that your goal as an employer is not simply to hire someone with the right skills, but also to find someone who will fit well into your team. You want people who are excited about what they do and love working together. A company culture fit can help ensure that you have this type of employee on board.

But how do you attract employees that fit the culture of the company?

This is a tricky question to answer, but it’s one that you need to consider if you want to attract the right people. There are several ways that you can go about finding these types of employees, including:

-Referrals from existing employees, as people know people like themselves.

-Use social media to reach out to potential candidates and look for people who are active on Twitter and LinkedIn so you can try and understand their personality better.

-Use a recruiting agency to find the right candidates for your company.

-Create a job description that attracts the right kind of people.  

-Think about what qualities you want in an employee and try to attract those types of people by offering them incentives like flexible working hours, travel opportunities and other benefits.

Yes, this is somewhat of a headache, and nothing will guarantee the hire you make will culturally fit the company or the team they are hired to work within. But, if you are serious about creating a company that is resilient and adaptable and can withstand the changing tides of business, then the Listen Léon Strengths module will be a good fit.

Listen Léon map the strengths of your best culturally fitting team members and then compare a candidate to this blueprint. This is a fantastic way to discover the strengths of potential candidates and how they compare to your team. It also allows you to see how they fit within the culture of your business, as well as how they will be able to work with others in their department or on other teams.

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